Gylan grants
your eyes comfort!

The ophthalmic solution
relieves eye strain, irritation and dryness

New packaging! A new form in multi-dose OSD-bottle!
Gylan contains an active component - hyaluronic acid. It produces a marked and prolonged moisturizing effect.
Sterile and preservative-free
Safe and non-toxic.
Compatible with contact lenses
The medication's components allow using it without removing contact lenses.
Does not cause blur of vision
Clarity of vision and eye
Good for pregnant women
Active ingredients are safe for all family members.
Dry eye syndrome
Insufficient wetting of the corneal and conjunctival surfaces due to altered quality and quantity of the lacrimal fluid and instability of the lacrimal film.
Peculiarities of the problem:
Causes of DES
The most common medications for DES are "artificial tears" (lacrimal substitutes) that lubricate the ocular surface promoting better corneal and conjunctival nutrition. This reduces or eliminates eye discomfort as a result..
Videos about the medication
Gylan manufacturing site
Gylan is manufactured in Saint Petersburg using state-of-the-art high-technology «Solopharm» equipment. This allows offering a European quality product for a low price.

The Solopharm plant for manufacturing medications in sterile liquid dosage forms was built in 2013 according to international GMP quality standards using the cleanroom technology. The plant is equipped with modern high-technology European equipment and state-of-the-art systems for heating, ventilation and water treatment.
Solopharm's rocket-science level lines
Solopharm has an R&D department and laboratories to ensure full-scale pharmaceutical development and quality control of the incoming raw materials, all production stages and end products.